A downloadable game for Linux


Our game is not finished; but you can take a look to know what it could become.

If you downloaded the ZIP and discovered that some files are missing, please download the ZIP again; the files have been added.

Run it

It only runs on GNU/Linux because it uses McCLIM that requires X window.

For run it, download the repository mc-wolf3d in ~/quicklisp/local-projects; load the mc-wolf3d system with (ql:quickload "mc-wolf3d"); then evaluate (mc-wolf3d:wolf3d-main).

cd ~/quicklisp/local-projects
git clone https://github.com/josrr/mc-wolf3d.git
cd mc-wolf3d
 * (ql:quickload "mc-wolf3d")
 * (mc-wolf3d:wolf3d-main)

The ZIP file contains a 64bit executable, decompress it; change to mc-wolf3d directory. Then execute mc-wolf3d.

unzip mc-wolf3d.zip
cd mc-wolf3d


nbegin game
qexit game
up,down,left,rightto move


mc-wolf3d.zip 27 MB


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Unbound variable |

What variable?   After your comment I tried the code and the executable without problem.

The name of the variable was `|`. but when trying again now, I didn't get the error, and it worked.

Some time later I got some different errors, but at least sometimes it works

(1 edit)

Yes, it has some strange problems that I have not managed to reproduce and fix.  If you are using stumpwm, run the game in a floating group.